Albergo Vittoria *** - Viserba di Rimini (RN) - ITALY
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Our History

It was 1953 when our grandfather Michele Perazzini “Berto ad Guazza”, together with his wife Ada Bilancioni “Pasquina” and their children Teodoro and Giovanna, bravely decided to leave their flourishing  greengrocer’s business to start a new adventure: to become hotel runners! It was soon after the Great War and the touristic boom of Riviera Adriatica was already on the way.

Perazzini family settled in Viserba, a small village of fishermen and peasants, and bought a small inn not far from the sea. Together with a great sense of duty, passion and  sacrifices, they were able little by little to give life to a new job, made of care and attention for their guests, who, year after year, came back to the small village which had become in the meantime a beautiful tourist resort.

Berto’s sense of duty, Pasquina’s magic touch in the kitchen, Teodoro and his wife’s total commitment,  made the small “Pensione Vittoria” the reference point for generations of Italian and foreign friends, still with us in this wonderful adventure.

During the decades the small inn underwent a constant growth and  it has now become a modern hotel, constantly renewed and presently runned by Teodoro and Lella’s children, Fabio and Fabiola, who, proud of their family tradition, are trying to transmit the same passion to their own children, the fourth generation of Perazzini.