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AltroMondo Studios - Clubs Rimini
L'Altro Mondo Studio's, born in 1967, is one of the most famous clubs in Europe, thanks to the technical solutions and cutting-edge furniture.
V.Flaminia, 358 Miramare Rimini (RN)Infoline 335 5645740
Altromondo Studios Rimini
Baia Imperiale GabicceBaia Imperiale - Clubs Gabicce Mare
Baia Imperiale is considered one of the best 10 clubs in the world. On the hill of Gabicce Mare surrounded by nature is reflected in a stunning and dominating the blue Adriatic coast, including statues of Roman emperors, braziers lit and great columns of the temple.
Via Panoramica, 195 - Gabicce Mare - Tel.: 0541.950312
Villa delle Rose - Clubs Misano Adriatico
Wonderful club, managed to win a place in the hearts of local people and tourists with its charming atmosphere, excellent music and excellent cocktails served at the tables inside and outside the villa. To dream a little "Beverly Hills" Hills.
Via Camilluccia n░ 16 - Misano Adriatico - Tel.: 0541.694311 / 0541.694246
Villa delle Rose Misano Adriatico
Paradiso RiminiParadiso dinner club - Clubs Rimini
Finally revives the legendary Paradiso club in Rimini. The new management will propose a large class of Paradise. The local (inside) presents the dance floor, four bars, a restaurant and lounge designed as a privŔe. The garden (summer only, of course!) Consists of the dance floor, a restaurant and four bars.
Via Covignano n░ 260 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 312760
PasciÓ - Clubs Riccione
Famous throughout Europe for its unique style and the enormous chandelier that overlooks the main runway, the Pasha is one of the most popular nightclubs in Riccione. Proposal is the best house music, from Italian and international DJs, who joins the long list of celebrities who have followed in the console and as guests of honor in the best evenings Riccione.
Viale Sardegna, 30 - Riccione - Tel.: 0541 697844 - 0541 475993
PasciÓ Riccione
Peter Pan RiccionePeter Pan - Clubs Misano Adriatico
The Peter Pan in Riccione is now among the clubs of the Riviera historic night owl, long devoted to the best house music from its diehard night owls, who love life and wonder evenings are always different. On three evenings organized plans include exclusive dinner and evening room used as a restaurant with the best Italian and international DJs.
Via Scacciano, 161 - Misano Adriatico - Tel.: 0541 607728
Pineta Glamclub - Clubs Milano Marittima
It 's the most famous and IN the Adriatic coast. Often attended by VIPs, players, actors, beautiful women. The choice of music (house and commercial) is offered in two rooms of local. The emergence of Pinewood as "in" on the Adriatic coast has greatly changed the face of the entire city of Milano Marittima. Bars, pubs and beaches were born as satellites around the elegant nightclub.
Viale Romagna, 66 - Milano Marittima - Tel.: 0544 994728
Club Pineta Milano Marittima
Classic ClubClassic Club - Clubs Rimini
The restaurant is the best club for gay men and women. Entry is restricted to members (over 18 years). House music nights of the soul classic with one of the best console of Italy: Alex G, Pepe, Nikos, and Gibo Giaga in console. Over and vocalist Laura Stano.
Via Feleto, 11 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 731113
Cocoric˛ - Clubs Riccione
A name, a symbol for the restaurant became an icon of himself and now remaining between the best clubs in Europe, thanks to the many events and international guests. The pyramid structure follows the mystical idea of ascension, and the transparent walls evoke a vision of infinity. The first local mass trend thanks to the delirious "input" style of each season.
Viale Latini, 19 - Riccione - Tel.: 0541 605748
Cocoric˛ Riccione
Life Club RiminiLife club - Clubs Rimini
Customers come from all over Europe and beyond. It 's the ideal place to meet people happy and make new friends. If you come on holiday in Rimini, life is a must to understand the true spirit of the Romagna Riviera! 3sono bars where you can quench your thirst with our specialties or make merry with friends drinking shots imaginative.
Viale R. Margherita, 11 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 373473
New Melody Mecca c/o Ecu - Clubs Rimini
In the largest of Europe afrolocation you can appreciate the tribal sounds that have characterized the history of Melody Mecca. The "Mecca" of the melody, or Melody Mecca, has the ability to renew itself season after season, offering the usual quality but at the same time novelty.
Via Coriano n░ 171 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 731105
Melody Mecca Rimini
Pjazza Club RiminiPjazza live & disco - Clubs Bellaria
Born as a local live music back in 1989, in addition to its original vocation is then also become the stage for cabaret and disco. And 'here that Vinicio Capossela began to take its first steps, and shot his first video. As for the music disc, ranging from commercial to house, through world music and Italian.
Isola dei Platani - Bellaria - Tel.: 0541 341164
Prince - Clubs Riccione
Great trendy nightclub with 2 rooms and restaurant, with a capacity of about 3000 people, much frequented by celebrities. The room more "in" the famous hill of Riccione, you can enjoy it from the sound house dj's Tuft, Albo, Frankie P. and Gianni Morri.
Via Tre Baci n░ 49 - Riccione - Tel.: 0541 694839
Prince Riccione
Rio Grande Bellaria Igea MarinaRio Grande disco ristorante - Clubs Igea Marina
The Rio Grande is a local establishment offering a variety of fun thanks to 3 rooms open to the public. Located within the park Rio Grande, is one of the biggest clubs in Italy, with 2 dance floors, 3 bars, large screen, summer garden and technological innovations. Program is commercial music, underground, revival 70/80 years.
Via Abba, 18 - Igea Marina - Tel.: 0541 331764
Teatro Verdi ristorante varietÓ discobar - Clubs Cesena
The Teatro Verdi, the work of the late nineteenth century, was inaugurated in 1874 as the Garden Theatre. The Teatro Verdi is able to mediate in short, tradition and innovation, between those who wanted an agreement "as it was and where it was" and who is totally renovated and turned to new technologies.
Via Sostegni n░ 13 - Cesena - Tel.: 0547 613888
Teatro Verdi Cesena
Velvet Club RiminiVelvet Rock club - Clubs Rimini
The place where in a single evening you can catch a great band that plays, a theater performance on the parque 'to be enjoyed with bare feet, dancing Rock'nRoll up at 5 am and then watch the sunrise that comes softly through the windows.Velvet 20 years, 20 years of rock history made in Italy. (1989)Via St. Aquilina, 21 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 756111
Byblos Disco Dinner - Clubs Misano Adriatico
Not just a local but a way of being. Restyling total white by architect Marco Lucchi for the wonderful Mediterranean-style villa. Open all year, the Byblos is said among the best clubs of the coast and beyond, thanks to the careful organization that offers weekly events and incredible turnout nationally.
Via P. Castello, 24 - Misano Adriatico Tel.: 0541 69252
Byblos Misano Adriatico
Carnaby RiminiCarnaby club - Clubs Rimini
And 'one of the most popular area of Rimini sea, attended by thousands of students from Italy and across Europe. Open every evening during the summer season. Born in '70 as a British pub, now a famous venue of Rimini, a strong international appeal and certainly enjoyable nights of the summer resort on the Riviera.
Via Brindisi, 20 - Rimini - Tel.: 0541 373204